Shady's BMW Euro trip

Friday, September 16, 2005

The plan

Fly from LAX to Paris on 9/20 arriving 9/21
9/21 Paris
9/22 Fly to Munich and take delivery of the car
Drive, through the Alps, to Divonne-les-Bains, France (10 miles from Geneva)
9/23 Venice, Italy
9/24 Genoa Italy
9/25 French Riviera (Monaco, Nice and Canss)
9/26 Drop off the car :( then fly to Paris
9/27 Fly to Cairo, Egypt
9/28 Cairo, Egypt
9/29-9/30 Sharm El Shek, Egypt
10/1 Alexandria, Egypt
10/2 Cairo, Egypt
10/3 Fly to Paris
10/4 Fly back to LAX

Whheeoo.. got tiered just writing it up :) will take 3 days off work after coming back to rest from my vacation.

The car

'06 325i (E90)
Sparkling Graphite
Black Leather
Wood Trim
Premium Package
iDrive with Nav
Xenon Headlights
Auto Sun Shades
Satellite radio
Split/Fold rear seat


My wife, Simona, bought me an '06 BMW 325i as my anniversary/Birthday/you name it gift for like 5 years ahead :) I've been wanting a Bimmer for as long as I can remember and this will be my first one.

I will also get it using the best way possible to buy such a car. EUROPIAN DELIVARY (ED). I will go the Munich to pick up the car and drive it where it was designed to be driven.. The Autobahn :)

And NO.. For an ED car I don't have to ship it back to the USA myself. BMW will take car of everything related to bringing the car here, as they do with any other car. The only differences are that I get to drive it in Europe before it gets shipped and by doing so I saved like 10% of the car price. Only downside is that I have to be extra cool waiting for the car to get here. Estimated time from the day we pulled the trigger to the re-delivery in the US is 12~16 weeks.. The horror.

Seriously, the one really negative side of this is that Simona and the little monkey will not join me in this trip...


OK.. 5 more days to go.. Can't wait to get behind the wheel of my new Bimmer..